Finding The Right Venue For Your Class


  • How many students are registered?

  • What kind of space do you need for your class?

Will your students need to spread out their materials?

Will you need to cover tables (and possibly floors) with drop cloths to avoid making a mess?

Do you need internet access?

Do you need access to a sink?


  • Select a place where you and your students will be most comfortable.

  • Decide what kind of atmosphere matches the goal of your class.

If you are meeting in a business, connect with the management to let them know you are coming to host a class.  Encourage your students to buy food and/or a beverage.  It's not only a fun way to experience the local food but a way of showing respect for the business allowing you to host your class and share your creativity.


  • Yelp

    A quick way to find spaces in local places.  Yelp reviews often give you more information about a place than seen on a company's website.  You can quickly crowdsource data about if they take credit cards, have good parking, and if they are a good spot for a group.

  • MeetUp

    Looking at current MeetUp groups in the area are a great way to find new class spaces.  Take note of what locations each group is using as their meeting space.  Then swing by and introduce yourself to the business and ask if you could host a class!  Most often businesses are happy to have you host a class - especially during their slow times. 

Whatever space you decide on, check it out in real life.  Reviews and on-line information are not the same thing.

**Feel like you need personal help to find the perfect venue for your class?  Contact us and we would be happy to hunt down some great options for you!